Application links missing, and log reports an attempt to delete trusted applications configuration




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  • On startup, the following log message appears in the atlasian-stash.log file in <STASH_HOME>/log: 

    Attempting to clean up corrupted application links. For more information, see

  • You expect the Administration->Application Links page to show one or more links, but it shows none.

  • You view the Source tab of an issue in a JIRA instance that has a Trusted Application link to a Stash instance, and see the following message:

    This list may be incomplete, as errors occurred whilst retrieving source from linked applications:
    Request to <stash url> failed: Stash returned an error: 500 Internal Server Error


The Stash instance is suffering from the bug: STASH-2668 - Getting issue details... STATUS .


See  STASH-2668 - Getting issue details... STATUS .

A Stash instance that was previously upgraded to version 1.2, and which had links to other Atlassian product before the upgrade, and which was connected to a PostgreSQL database at the time of the upgrade, contains application links that were corrupted by the upgrade process. Subsequently, that same Stash instance was upgraded to a newer version (ie. 1.2.1 or greater), at which time Stash detected the corrupted application links and attempted to delete them.


Visit the Administration -> Application Links page in Stash. If a server error (HTTP 500) occurs when you view the page, then follow the instructions for working around that issue described at  STASH-2668 - Getting issue details... STATUS .

If you are able to view the Administration -> Application Links page, but it shows no application links, do the following:

  1. In any Atlassian product to which Stash was previously linked (e.g. JIRA), remove any remnant application links to Stash.
  2. In Stash, re-create your application links in the normal way.

    With the old corrupted links out of the way, you are free to create links between Stash and other Atlassian products. 


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