New experience for Automation

Jira Service Desk をご利用いただきありがとうございます。

Your repetitive tasks better run and hide as we have just made it easier than ever for you to automate them out of your way. We've redesigned the experience of building and editing rules so it's easy, dare we say fun, to make your own service desktask robots.

For example, you could close all the issues that have been resolved for a month, send yourself an email alert if an issue is urgent, or even resolve all related issues at once. There are plenty more options and with the newly re-designed rule builder you can edit and customize rules to your heart's delight. Once your robots are working away on your behalf saving you time and hassle, you can get back to tackling the work that is best left to humans. 


  1. Go to Project settings () > Automation
  2. Then, either edit an existing rule, or select Add Rule.
  3. Choose which type of rule you want to make.
  4. Customize using the new rule builder.

Instead of doing all those repetitive tasks, you'll now have to figure out what to do with all the time you've freed up. We might suggest  checking out our latest bug fixes .


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