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We have collected together some of the frequently asked questions about Questions for Confluence.

Can I use Questions without Confluence?

No, Questions for Confluence is an add-on for Confluence. If you're interested in a standalone version of Questions for Confluence please vote and comment on this issue  CQ-830 - Getting issue details... STATUS .

What version of Confluence do I need to use Questions for Confluence? 

Questions for Confluence 2.4 or later requires Confluence 5.7 or later.

Questions for Confluence 2.3 or earlier requires Confluence 5.3 or later.

How does licensing work?

Questions for Confluence is a paid add-on for Confluence. Find out more about Questions pricing.

I've got ideas, where can I give you feedback? 

We would love to hear from you. Raise a feedback issue in our issue tracker to help us make Questions for Confluence more awesome. 

I think I've found a bug, how can I tell you about it? 

You can raise a bug in our issue tracker

What happens to my questions if I decide to end my trial?

If you disable the Questions for Confluence add-on you will not be able to see or access Questions on the header, or see any existing questions and answers.

If I move from Confluence Cloud, can I migrate my questions?

No. There's currently no way to export content from Questions for Confluence Cloud. We're hopeful that we'll be able to support this in future, but can't provide any dates or guarantees at this point. We'll update this page if this changes.

Why don't my new questions appear on the Confluence dashboard?

Questions are included in the Popular tab on the Confluence dashboard. Whether a question is popular is based on the number of answers, comments and up votes it has.  You may find that your questions do not appear because they are competing with pages and blog posts that have more likes and comments. 

When will you make a REST API available?

The REST API is available from Confluence Questions 2.1.4. It's experimental for now, so we welcome your feedback

Check out the REST API documentation, or if you're already working with the Atlassian SDK, the REST API Browser is a great tool for exploring and experimenting with our APIs.

Can I import questions from another Q&A system?

We do not provide an import or export tool, however a REST API is available from Questions for Confluence 2.1.4 which can be used to import and export questions. The API is experimental at present, so we welcome your feedback on the API. 

How do I opt out or in for data collection?

Confluence collects usage information to help us improve the product. All data we collect is subject to the terms of our Privacy Policy and our End User Agreement.

For more information, or to opt out go to  > General Configuration > Analytics.

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