How to update the url for an application link


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You need to change the URL of application links in JIRA applications via database.

There's no way to edit the application links via UI on, JIRA applications and Confluence. In this case you have two alternatives:

  • You can remove and re-create all of them; Or
  • You can edit them through the database.

    SELECT, PS.propertyvalue, PE.propertytype, PE.property_key FROM propertystring AS PS
    INNER JOIN propertyentry AS PE
    ON = WHERE PS.propertyvalue LIKE '%<Insert your remote application url here>%' AND PE.property_key LIKE '%app%';

    For example your remote application's url is : http://localhost:8090/confluence, then insert the value http://localhost:8090/confluence for propertyvalue.



    (info) Please be sure to take a backup of your database before making any changes. We strongly recommend to try these changes in a staging environment before applying them in production.

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