Problems with creating issues in the mobile app


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Can’t create issues in the mobile app.


Back in Jira 8.4, we’ve recommended disabling the createmeta REST endpoint that was used by Atlassian applications integrated with Jira to create issues, and replaced it with other endpoints. The mobile app is one of such applications, so it can’t create issues if the endpoint is disabled. For more info about this problem, see Createmeta REST endpoint to be removed.


We’ve added new endpoints that can be used by the mobile app to create issues. To use them, you’ll need to complete these steps:

  1. Upgrade the Jira mobile plugin to version 1.20, or the latest available on Atlassian Marketplace. This version is bundled with Jira 8.7, so you don’t have to do this if you’re using this version.

  2. Allowlist the following header on your Jira server:
    1 new-create-metadata-api: <boolean>

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