Customise word export template for JIRA applications


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This KB article outlines how to customise the output from JIRA applications while exporting issues to Word documents.


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  1. The output of word export is controlled by the four velocity templates located at atlassian-jira/WEB-INF/classes/templates/plugins/issueviews located under JIRA applications Installation Directory. 
    1. single-word-css.vm - Defines the html styles used for export
    2. single-word-header.vm - Defines the header part of the exported document
    3. single-word.vm - The content part of the exported document
    4. single-word-footer.vm - The footer part of the exported document
  2. Open these files in your favorite text editor and make the required changes and save it.
  3. アプリケーションを再起動します。

There is a New Feature for this functionality to be handled within the core of JIRA applications, as tracked at:  JRA-12813 - Getting issue details... STATUS  Please vote and watch that issue if you're interested in the functionality.

Example: Changing Word Export to A4 size

  1. Access single-word-css.vm.
  2. Open in a text editor and Add the following css under <style type="text/css">:

    /The A4 paper size is 210 mm wide by 297 mm long/
    size: 210mm 297mm!important;

  3. Save and restart your JIRA application.

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This article is valid only for Server version of JIRA, if you have a Cloud installation you won't be able to follow these instructions

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