Using Review Reminders


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Crucible will automatically send reviewers a reminder email one working day before the deadline.

Review authors and moderators can also do the following:

  • Send manual reminders to reviewers whose work is still pending.
  • Configure preset reminders for reviews that have a deadline.

Reminders are only sent if Crucible's SMTP server is configured. Please see Configuring the SMTP server.

Preset Reminders

When a review has a deadline (due date), you can have Crucible send a preset reminder to all of the pending reviewers, some number of working days before the deadline.

To add a reminder, firstly edit the review, then click Add a reminder. You can edit the reminder period.

(info) The Send Reminder setting is only available if the review has a due date set.

Manual Reminders

You can send a reminder to all the reviewers that have not yet completed their review:

Before the review is due, click Share and add recipients and a message. Besides sending reminders to participants, the Share option can also be used to share the review with people external to it:

If the review is overdue, click Send Reminder. The message is pre-populated with recipients who have not yet completed their review.


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