Upgrading from Fisheye to Crucible

Crucible アップグレード ガイド



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If you have been using Fisheye and now want to move to Crucible, you can do this without losing your Fisheye repositories.

You simply need to add a Crucible license to your existing Fisheye installation, and then follow the initial configuration steps below.

You do not need to download Crucible from Atlassian.

To add your Crucible license key, go to the admin area and click System Info (under 'System Settings'). Click Edit License (under 'License') to enter your Crucible license key. You can view your license key here. The Crucible functionality will be instantly unlocked.

(info) Read about how your Crucible installation works with Fisheye.


Initial Crucible configuration

  1. You can access Fisheye/Crucible immediately by going to http://HOSTNAME:8060/ in a browser.
  2. If you do not already have user accounts configured, you will need to do this via the Administration screens or by configuring Fisheye/Crucible to use external authentication.
    To add users:
  3. Crucible can email each review participant on a range of changes. Each user can then set up their own preferences. This is described in the User Profile guide. First, you must set up the SMTP Server.
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