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Atlassian's Crowd is a software application installed by the system administrator. The administrator will also connect one or more of your organization's applications to Crowd. When you log in to a Crowd-connected application, Crowd will verify your password and login permissions.

Using Crowd for single sign-on (SSO), each person needs only one username and password to access all web applications. You can host your own OpenID provider to include external applications.

  • You only need to log in once, to Crowd or a Crowd-connected application. When you start another Crowd-connected application, you will be logged in automatically.
  • When you log out of Crowd or one of the Crowd-connected applications, you will be logged out of Crowd and the other application(s) at the same time.

Crowd also manages the information held about you as a user of other software applications:

  • Your login permissions to various applications.
  • The password you use to log in to those applications.
  • The groups and roles you belong to, which are used by the applications to decide which functions you can perform within the applications.
  • The user directories which hold your information.

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About the User Guide

The Crowd User Guide contains information for people who use Crowd to update their user profiles and passwords and to view their groups, roles and applications.

If you need information about installing Crowd, configuring your Crowd server or using the Crowd Administration Console, please visit the Crowd documentation home page.

If you have a question about using Crowd that hasn't been answered here, please let us know.


You can download the Crowd documentation in PDF, HTML or XML formats.

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