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Using the Jira Issues Macro to display JIRA issues within Confluence works fine and all the expected issues are displayed in the page that contains the macro.

However, all the links within the generated list of issues are set to the wrong address, like http://localhost:8080 instead of the correct JIRA base URL set in the configuration of the trusted application. The issue status and type icons are not displayed correctly (as client browsers try to find them on http://localhost:8080 ), and it is not possible to just click on an issue in order to jump to it within JIRA.

Cause #1

The proxy configuration is pointing to the incorrect address. In the JIRA documentation, there is a section on Apache integration, which describes what configuration you need for your proxy to work.

One of those settings is the ProxyPreserveHost flag, which if you set it correctly, will keep the request URL as the intended URL and so the issues macro should render correctly.

Cause #2

If you're using a version of the JIRA Macros Plugin that's before 5.5.4, you may be affected by a bug that was resolved in 5.5.4. Please see CONF-33626 - Getting issue details... STATUS for more details.

ソリューション #1

The ProxyPreserveHost directive allows Tomcat to know its public hostname and port. Without this, JIRA would redirect the public URL (eg. to http://localhost:8080/jira/secure/Dashboard.jspa.

ソリューション #2

You can update your plugins from the Universal Plugin Manager.


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