Confluence Usage statistics increased post Confluence 5.7 upgrade


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Post upgrading your Confluence instance to version higher than Confluence 5.7 from Confluence instance below version 5.7 resulted in increased number of Confluence Usage - Contents statistics under Confluence Administration >> System Information page.


The number of Contents under the Confluence Usage on System Information page pre upgrade shows smaller amount of number compared to the statistics post the upgrade as per shown below.

  • Pre Confluence 5.7 Upgrade

  • Post Confluence 5.7 Upgrade 


The difference in the number of the Contents under the Confluence Usage statistics on pre and post upgrade are actually caused by the changes of how Confluence treat attachments starting Confluence 5.7 (Please refer to Confluence 5.7 - Upgrade Notes).
From this version onwards, attachments are treated as ContentEntityObjects and therefore also stored on the CONTENT table in the database instead of just stored in its own table - ATTACHMENTS.
Therefore, the content count on the Contents under the Confluence Usage statistics, now considers an attachment as a content as well.

The below query might help you understand the quantity of attachment contents in your CONTENT table itself.

SELECT contenttype, COUNT(*) FROM CONTENT GROUP BY contenttype;
最終更新日: 2016 年 2 月 19 日


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