Bitbucket Server から Bitbucket Data Center にアップグレードする

If you're a current Bitbucket Server customer looking to upgrade to Bitbucket Data Center, this page will help you create a free trial license and set up Data Center. There are several ways to get started with Bitbucket Data Center, depending on your current setup.

If you’re installing Bitbucket Data Center for the first time with no existing Bitbucket Server data to migrate, check out how to install Bitbucket Data Center.

Data Center のセットアップ

Data Center をセットアップするにあたり、次の情報をご確認ください。


It’s your Bitbucket license that determines the type of Bitbucket you have: Server or Data Center. Bitbucket will auto-detect the license type when you enter your license key, and automatically unlock any license-specific features.

To upgrade from Bitbucket Server to Bitbucket Data Center, you will need a Data Center license. You can either purchase a full Data Center license or get a free trial license for 30 days. When your 30-day trial finishes, you’ll have the option to purchase a Data Center license and carry on using Bitbucket Data Center without losing any data you’ve created during the trial. If you decide Bitbucket Data Center is not for you, you can easily revert to your existing Server license.

Note that as of February 15, 2024 PT, your Server products will reach the end of support


See our Supported platforms page for information on the database, Java, and operating systems you'll be able to use.


アプリは、アトラシアン アプリケーションでチームが実現できる内容を拡張します。Data Center に移行した後もチームで引き続きアプリを使用できるかどうかを確認しておくことが重要です。Data Center に切り替える際に、アプリの Data Center 互換バージョンが利用可能な場合はそれに切り替える必要があります。 

詳細については、「Data Center への移行に向けてアプリを評価する」を参照してください。 


To use Bitbucket Data Center, you must:

To run Bitbucket in a cluster, you’ll need to meet additional requirements, like setting up a shared home directory or load balancer. You can learn more about it after going to ‘Set up your cluster’.

Data Center へアップグレード


If you have any apps installed on your site, you'll need to upgrade to the Data Center app version, if one is available. To avoid any impact to your apps, we recommend you do this before you enter your Bitbucket Data Center license key. Learn more about upgrading Server apps when you migrate to Data Center.

Upgrade your Bitbucket license

To upgrade from Bitbucket Server to Bitbucket Data Center:

  1. Go to Administration > Licensing.

  2. Enter your Bitbucket Data Center license key. 

Data Center features such as rate limiting and SAML single sign-on will now be available.


If your organization requires continuous uptime, scalability, and performance under heavy load, you’ll want to run Bitbucket Data Center in a cluster.

To find out more about clustering, including infrastructure requirements, see Clustering with Bitbucket.

If you’re ready to set up your cluster now, head to Set up a Bitbucket Data Center cluster.

すべてのアトラシアン アプリを Data Center に移行することを検討している場合は、次の情報を参考にしてください。


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