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This page lists the limitations in Bitbucket Pipelines. 


Build minutes

Your Bitbucket plan comes with a set number of build minutes each month:

Plan type Build minutes / month
無料 50 minutes
Standard 500 分
Premium 1000 分

If you want more minutes, you can get 1000 additional minutes for $10 / month. We add $10 to your bill when you start using a new addition of 1000 minutes (not after you've used the entire amount). If you're on the Free plan, we'll only add additional minutes or storage if you've specified that you want to pay for additions.

See the Plans and billing for more information.

Build limits

Limits per build:

Push limits

Accidentally triggering build pipelines can deprive you of build minutes. To prevent this, we don’t run any pipelines for pushes that have more than five references.

Features not available for Pipelines yet

  • Jira integration. Build statuses from Pipelines don't show up in the development panel. 
  • Build artifacts stored by Bitbucket (you can still use third-party artifact repositories)
  • Building Windows applications
  • Accessing services like artifact repositories or container registries behind a firewall
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