Bamboo サーバーに対する変更の追跡

Tracking configuration changes

You can track changes to the configuration of your Bamboo server, as well as track changes to any plans it may be running.

To track changes, you must enable Audit logging. To enable Audit logging:

  1. Go to cogwheel icon > System > Audit log.
  2. Select Enable audit logging.

The Audit log will record details of changes made to the configuration of the Bamboo server. It will record:

  • the time and date
  • ユーザー
  • the changed field
  • the old value and
  • 新しい値

The Audit log does not record change of permissions.

Audit logging will also record details of changes made to any plans, including:

  • Plan branch creation
  • Plan deletion


Deleting Audit Logs

You may wish to delete audit logs, particularly when the plans or configuration changes have expired.

To delete your configuration change history, select Delete all global audit logs. 

To delete all audit logs, including any plan audit logs, select Delete all audit logs.

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