Bamboo の URL の指定

This is the base URL of this installation of Bamboo. All links created (for links in Bamboo email notifications etc.) will be prefixed by this URL.

To specify Bamboo's URL:

  1. Go to cogwheel icon > System > General configuration.
  2. In the Base URL field, type the URL address of your Bamboo server (for example, "http://keg:8080/bamboo").
  3. 保存 を選択します。



  • Accessing Bamboo from Outside a Firewall — When accessing Bamboo through a web browser, most Bamboo URL links (which provide navigation throughout the product) will use the base URL that was originally entered into your browser's URL field. For example, to access Bamboo through a web browser on the same machine running Bamboo itself, you may have entered the base URL:


    into your browser's URL field. Consequently, most Bamboo URL links will use the base URL:


    However, URL links to a Bamboo instance that are provided in Bamboo email notifications and by some Bamboo apps, will use the base URL set on this General configuration page. Hence, if you configure the Base URL field above to one that can only be accessed internally, behind a firewall, then you may have problems accessing this Bamboo instance externally.

最終更新日 2021 年 7 月 26 日


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