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プラットフォームについて: サーバーと Data Center のみ。この記事は、サーバーおよび Data Center プラットフォームのアトラシアン製品にのみ適用されます。


Jira アプリケーションの起動/停止方法は、Jira をサービスとして実行しているかどうかによって異なります。 


Installed as a Service

If you installed JIRA as a service (default option using the installer), you can Start JIRA Server and Stop JIRA Server from the Windows Start menu. 

You can't start or stop JIRA manually using the start-jira.bat and stop-jira.bat file.

Manual Start

Jira をサービスとしてインストールしなかった場合、Jira を手動で起動および停止する必要があります。

  • To start JIRA run <installation-directory>\bin\start-jira.bat
  • To stop JIRA run <installation-directory>\bin\stop-jira.bat

We recommend running JIRA with a dedicated user account. To do this, use usethe runas command to execute start-jira.bat.

> runas /env /user:<DOMAIN>\<jira> start-jira.bat

<DOMAIN> には自身の Windows ドメインまたはコンピュータ名を、<jira> には専用ユーザーの名前を入力します。


Installed as a Service

JRIA をサービスとしてインストールした場合、以下のコマンドのいずれかを使用して、JIRA を起動停止、または再起動します。

$ sudo /etc/init.d/jira start
$ sudo /etc/init.d/jira stop

You can't start or stop JIRA manually using the and files.

Manual Start

Jira をサービスとしてインストールしなかった場合、Jira を手動で起動および停止する必要があります。

  • To start JIRA run <installation-directory>\bin\
  • To stop JIRA run <installation-directory>\bin\

専用ユーザー アカウントで JIRA を実行することをお勧めします。

$ su -u <user>
$ ./

Where <user> is the name of your dedicated user. If you're using Ubuntu the command is a little different:

$ sudo su <user>
$ ./

Disabling plugins on Jira startup

Starting from JIRA 7.3, you can start JIRA with all non-system add-ons, or a selection of these add-ons, disabled. This helps with troubleshooting when these non-system add-ons are causing issues with your JIRA instance, such as causing JIRA to fail on start up, or when the add-on is malfunctioning and can't be removed through UPM. There are two ways to set them, depending on the startup method:

Manual Start

When JIRA is started using the start-jira.bat or, the following parameters should be specified at system startup to disable all plugins:

<installation-directory>/bin/start-jira.bat /disablealladdons

<installation-directory>/bin/ --disable-all-addons

To disable only specific plugins, use a colon-separated list of plugins. Regex/wildcards are not permitted, the full key of the plugin must be provided, for example:

<installation-directory>/bin/start-jira.bat /disableaddons=com.atlassian.test.plugin:com.atlassian.another.test.plugin

<installation-directory>/bin/ --disable-addons=com.atlassian.test.plugin:com.atlassian.another.test.plugin

These parameters do not persist, that is, they are applied at startup once, and if you need to restart JIRA, you need to apply them again.

JVM Parameter

If you don't use start-jira.bat or for starting JIRA, but still wish to use this feature, you can add the following JVM parameters to the invocation of the servlet container that's running JIRA, these will persist upon restarting the application. Here we have both:

Disable all plugiins

Disable multiple plugins



  • This feature does not work for JIRA Data Center applications.
  • disable-addons parameter takes a colon-separated list (chosen as a colon is the only prohibited character from a plugin key) of add-ons to be disabled. These can be system add-ons.
  • アドオン キーにスペースが含まれている場合、この機能の無効化は動作しません。手動でアドオンを扱う必要があります。
  • This can be used to disable an add-on deemed critical to JIRA starting, and if one of those is disabled, JIRA will fail to start.

  • This can be used to disable JIRA application OBR bundles, for example, to stop the JIRA Software add-on:

    <installation-directory>/bin/start-jira.bat /disableaddons=com.atlassian.jira.jira-software-application
    <installation-directory>/bin/ --disable-addons=com.atlassian.jira.jira-software-application

説明This article gives instructions on how you start and stop your JIRA application . This method depends on whether you are running JIRA as a Service or starting with Apps disabled.

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