Sprints Disappeared After The Upgrade Troubleshooting Guide


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Sprints disappear from JIRA Agile after performing the upgrade for JIRA or JIRA Agile


Areas to check when you hit into this problem:

  1. Filter shares: Make sure that the filter associated with the board is shared with your user
  2. Browse Project Permission: Make sure that your user has the Browse project permission
  3. Indexing: Perform indexing, as sometimes the problem may occur due to corrupted indexes
  4. Check whether the Sprints exists in the database, by running the following query, and check whether it will return the Sprints which have disappeared:
select * from "AO_60DB71_SPRINT";

If the Sprints exists in the database, and all the previous points seem to be set correctly in your JIRA instance, then contact raise a support ticket in https://support.atlassian.com/ja/ and include the XML Backup of your JIRA instance and the $JIRA_HOME\plugins\installed-plugins directory.

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