Replies to Jira Service Management tickets result in duplicate tickets


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Jira Service Management creates duplicate tickets on email replies from customers.


  • The Jira Service Management email handler is Cc'd in a mail thread, along with other Service Management customers.

  • Replies to the email thread create duplicate tickets in Service Management.

  • Members of the mail thread are not "request participants" of the original request.


Service Management customers don't have permissions to share request with other people.


In Jira Service Management, only the issue reporter, the request participants and members of the organization which the ticket is shared with, are the customers who can comment on the ticket. That said, make sure that customers have permissions to add other people to the request.

  • Go to the Customer permissions for the project by navigating to:
    Company Managed Projects: Service Management Project > Project settings > Customer permissions 
    Team Managed Projects: Service Management Project > Project settings Channels > Customer permissions
  • Under Customer sharing, select the option that best aligns with your project's needs:
    • Customers can search for other customers within their project or organizations

    • Customers can search for other customers within their organizations, or manually enter the email address of other customers within their project

By changing the above, anyone who is CC'd in the original email will be added as a Request participant of the ticket, receiving the permission to have their responses processed as comments of the request.

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