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You cannot rename standard, out of the box fields in JIRA. This includes filelds like Summary, Description, Labels, Versions, etc. 

There is a New Feature request to better handle this, as tracked in  JRA-21293 - Getting issue details... STATUS


This process is intended for JIRA versions 4.4.x+ and is not officially supported.

Modify a Language Pack to carry the values you want then install.

  1. Go to Atlassian Translations
  2. Download the appropriate Language and version you are looking to modify
  3. Unpack the JAR file
  4. Navigate to <Language_Pack_Unpack>/com/atlassian/jira/web/action
  5. Open JiraWebActionSupport_<LANGUAGE>.properties
This file contains all the names for the fields and areas in JIRA. You'll need to make according changes to this file to rename fields.
As an example, if you wanted to change the column heading for "Priority" under the Issue navigator, you'll want to change...
When finished with modifying the file, re-pack the entire contents of the folder.
  • You can zip the contents then just change the extension to .jar
Install the jar using Managing apps document.
If your modifications do not look correct, uninstall the plugin and fix your modifications.

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There is a Atlassian Labs in-JIRA translation add-on that can help you to customize more quickly and safely that the method listed above.

InProduct Translation Plugin

This is a beta product and is officially supported by Atlassian. For any feedback, please raise a ticket here.

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