Release Burndown report shows total Story Points mismatch


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The Release Burndown report shows a total of Story Points for a specific closed sprint that is higher than the sum of the story points of the issues on that sprint.


  • The Story Points total is higher than the sum of the story points of issues on that sprint shown.
  • The sprint is closed and it is not the most recent sprint.


  1. An issue closed during that sprint was removed from the Version.

    According to the documentation: Viewing the Release Burndown


    • The scope will remain unchanged and the work completed is still show

    The Release Burndown allows you to add and remove issues from the version (by changing the "Fix Versions") for issues worked on the last sprint. Once a newer sprint has been closed, the Sprint Story Points are fixed and the above rule applies: "The scope will remain unchanged if issues are removed from the version."

  2. An issue closed during the duration of that sprint was added and removed from the Version.

    If you add an issue to the version, it will add the story points to the scope of the sprint that was active when the issue was resolved:


    • 課題は、もとからバージョンの一部であったかのように、レポートに表示されます。
     If the issue is removed again from the Version, the story points will still be counted in the total.


To investigate what happened:

  • Open the Burndown Chart for the given sprint to see if there are more issues listed in the sprint that they are listed in the Release Burndown.
  • Search for issues that were removed from the version using JQL:

    project = <PKEY> and (fixVersion not in ("<version>") or fixVersion is EMPTY) and fixVersion was in ("<version>") order by resolved desc
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