How to modify the SSL/TLS version Jira uses for outbound connections


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The current article applies when Jira performs secure connections to other services through SSL/TLS (e.g. LDAPS). To configure SSL/TLS on your Jira instance please refer to Running Jira applications over SSL or HTTPS.


When connecting as a client Jira will start the SSL handshake based off the current Java it's using, Java 8 enables TLSv1.1 and TLSv1.2 in client mode and uses TLSv1.2 by default. The initial request from the client (Jira) will go as TLSv1.2 and since TLSv1.2 is backward compatible, if destination responds on TLSv1.1, then they both agree on TLSV1.1 going forward.

Java 11 enables TLSv1.3 and TLSv1.2 in client mode. OpenJDK lower than 11.0.11 also allowed TLSv1.1, which is now disabled by default.


You can verify the SSL handshake in Jira logs, on Logging and Profiling please add the package org.apache.http set to DEBUG. You may also enable this through the following startup parameters: 

The information will be written into JIRA Home Directory/log/atlassian-jira.log when a secure connection is stablished.


If you wish to restrict TLS versions used by Jira when connecting as a client, you can set the value of the jdk.tls.disabledAlgorithms parameter in <JAVA_HOME>/lib/security/

The current <JAVA_HOME> is available at Administration > System > System Support > System Info > java.home. More Info:

Alternatively, you may add the following startup properties to achieve these settings:


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