How the User Onboarding process works?


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This page explains how the User Onboarding (introduced in JIRA 6.4) in JIRA works.

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First access to JIRA via the browser will redirect the user to the Onboarding process. This is based on user's loginCount.

If the user didn't go through the Onboarding and did not actively skip it, hitting the URL <base_URL>/secure/WelcomeToJIRA.jspa will start Onboarding.

As the user advances or completes or skips Onboarding, some properties specific to that user are added to propertyentry table:

  • jira.onboarding.first.use.flow.started
  • jira.onboarding.first.use.flow.resolved
  • jira.onboarding.first.use.flow.completed
  • jira.onboarding.first.use.flow.current.sequence

If the user hits the welcome page again, Onboarding will not be displayed.

To disable the User Onboarding in JIRA 6.4.x, follow the steps in this guide - How to Disable User Onboarding in JIRA 6.4 and Above

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