Jira Data Center でクラスタ インデックス レプリケーションのヘルス チェックに失敗


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In JIRA Data Center, the search index is replicated amongst other nodes automatically through the shared home. The Cluster Index Replication Health Check will check if the index that is used to provide results of searches for issues is up-to-date on all active nodes in the JIRA Data Center configuration. Each time a change is made in JIRA on a specific node, other nodes will need to be aware of these changes so that search results are up-to-date.

ヘルス チェックは正常に完了しました。The health check did not discover any problems with replication.
Index replication for cluster node <node-name> is behind by <seconds> seconds.

The replication is out of date by greater than 2 minutes and less than 5 minutes. This may indicate a performance problem with the environment.

Index replication for cluster node <node-name> is behind by <seconds> seconds.The replication is out of date by greater than 5 minutes. The replication is either not occurring, or is critically slow.


The node(s) can not communicate with the database in a timely manner.

Check that all the nodes are correctly communicating with the database in a timely manner. This can be done by:

There is unexpected data in the affected table.Check the contents of the data in the database with the assistance of Atlassian Support.
The health check reports nodes to be behind by a number of seconds equal to the timezone offset.The database server may be in a different timezone to the application servers. See this KB article for details.


トラブルシューティングやご自身での問題の解決が難しい場合、support.atlassian.com でサポート チケットを作成し、次の情報を含めてください。

  • ヘルス チェック結果のスクリーンショット
  • 各 Data Center ノードからのサポート zip
  • このドキュメントでの提案事項を受けて収集した任意の情報

Additionally, collect the output from the following SQL and provide it with the data above:

SELECT max(id), node_id FROM replicatedindexoperation GROUP BY node_id;
SELECT * FROM nodeindexcounter;

説明This page discusses about the Cluster Index Replication health check and related troubleshooting.
最終更新日: 2022 年 2 月 13 日


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