Migrating and Upgrading Fisheye/Crucible


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Some users want to upgrade Fisheye/Crucible, but they also want to migrate it to a different host. In this case, it is recommended to assure everything is working on the new host, as currently, before upgrading it. So let's divide it in two processes: first migrate, then upgrade.


In order to migrate:

  1. Assure your new host have the supported platforms for your current version of Fisheye. You can check it accessing Fisheye's documentation of the version you want to migrate, under Fisheye InstallationandUpgrade Guide > Supported Platforms or Getting Started > Supported Platforms.
  2. Follow the instructions in Migrating Fisheye document. By doing that, you will keep your configuration, but you still have the database to take care. As described at the end of this document, you can keep it accessible from the host you are currently using, or you can backup and restore it in the new host, following the Backing up and restoring Fisheye data instructions. It is recommended to read the Known limitations section in this document before proceeding with the database backup.
  3. Check if it is working before proceeding to the upgrade.


In order to upgrade:

  1. Assure your new host have the supported platforms for the Fisheye version you want to upgrade to.
  2. Follow the instructions described in the Fisheye upgrade guide or Crucible upgrade guide, under the method that best suits your Fisheye/Crucible instance.

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