Misleading yellow banner related to database upgrade displayed after upgrading Fisheye to 4.2.1


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After upgrading Fisheye to 4.2.1 from a version that requires database upgrade, e.g., from 3.9.1, the following yellow banner is displayed in Fisheye:

(warning) Update from db version XX to 103 experienced problems. Please review WARN/ERROR logs in /path/to/var/log/atlassian-fisheye-upgrade-db-XX-103.log

Where XX is the original database version, which varies according to the instance version, and /path/to is the full path of the directory into which Fisheye stores data, known as FISHEYE_INST environment variable.

The /path/to/var/log/atlassian-fisheye-upgrade-db-XX-103.log file does contain some warnings like this:

2016-11-18 00:07:43,500 INFO  [main ] MigrateUsersToCwdUsers-perform - Processing user 162. username=theusername;displayName=TheDisplayName;email=theusername@company.com;authType=LDAP;enabled=true;crucible=true
2016-11-18 00:07:43,502 WARN  [main ] MigrateUsersToCwdUsers-perform - The user theusername had a non empty password for LDAP authentication. The password will not be migrated.
2016-11-18 00:07:43,519 DEBUG [main ] MigrateUsersToCwdUsers-perform - Migrating user theusername to cwd_users

Also, the file /path/to/var/log/atlassian-fisheye-upgrade-db-XX-103.log ends with:

2016-11-18 00:08:24,244 INFO  [main ] BumpDbVersionUpgradeTask-bumpVersionNumberUp - Database upgrade from version 102 is successful

Note: The log file does not mention version 103 at all, and there is no such upgrade script #103 in <FishEye Installation Directory>/4.2.1/sql/<DB_TYPE>/upgrade.


The yellow banner gets displayed if there are WARN or ERROR log messages in the upgrade. These messages mean that the user theusername had a password in the database which got there at some point in the past, but since LDAP is being used, the password is not stored in the database and instead it is delegated to LDAP to check authentication.

Also, regarding the absence of the upgrade script #103, it really doesn't exist. The upgrade #103 is just Java-based, not involving database changes. 


  • These specific WARN messages are harmless and no action is required, meaning that in this case the yellow banner can be ignored.
  • However, there might be WARN messages related to other things that need to be investigated further, meaning that the yellow banner should not be ignored.


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