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When adding or managing a Perforce repository, you must:


Perforce repository setup

  1. Click the 'cog' menu in the Fisheye header, and choose Administration (you'll need to be logged in as an administrator to see this link).
  2. Click Repositories (under 'Repository Settings').
  3. Click Add repository.
  4. Complete the wizard:
Repository TypeChoose Perforce.


A name for this repository. The name may contain alphanumeric, underscore, '-' or '.' characters and its length must not exceed 100 characters.

(info) Note that a repository name is different from its key. See Renaming a repository for details. 


A short description of this repository.


The name of the server which provides the Perforce repository.


The path within the Perforce depot that you want Fisheye to index. You would normally put the depot path here, e.g. //depot/ but you may also use a more specific path to restrict Fisheye to a subset of the depot.
The Perforce wildcards '*' and '...' are not supported. 


(Optional) The port the server is listening on. Fisheye will default to the standard Perforce port (1666) if you do not specify a value here.

ユーザ名The account that Fisheye should use to connect to the Perforce repository.
パスワードThe pasword for the account that Fisheye should use to connect to the Perforce repository.
Block size

Controls how many changelists Fisheye will fetch from the depot in one batch. Larger values can reduce the time it takes for Fisheye to scan your repository for changes, but use more memory. The default is 400. The minimum being 1. This field only accepts positive whole numbers.

Filelog limit

Fisheye uses the P4 filelog command to gather information about the files in changesets. The list of files generated can be very large. Setting a limit here will cause Fisheye to batch up filelog operations into groups. This is useful with some versions of the Perforce client which may have trouble with large output. In general you should only set this field if you have a 2005 client or earlier. Lower values will degrade scanning performance.

P4 Operation Timeout

Sets the timeout value that Fisheye imposes on P4 operations. Operations which exceed this value are terminated. The default for most operations is 10 minutes.
Use the following terms to specify particular units of time: s, mi, h, d, w, mo, y (for seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years respectively). For example, 10s.

Throttle connections-per-sec

If set, this allows Fisheye to throttle how many connections it makes per second to the Perforce server. The default is blank (do not throttle). You may enter fractional values such as 2.5.


The character set used to interpret and display text files.

Unicode Server

This field indicates whether the Perforce Server is running in internationalized mode.

Skip Labels

When true, Fisheye will not scan Perforce Labels for Fisheye tag information.

Case Sensitive

This field indicates whether the Perforce Server metadata is case sensitive. You should set this to 'false' for servers running on Windows platforms.

Disable Multiple Print

When Fisheye needs file content from Perforce, it uses a p4 print operation. Normally Fisheye will request multiple files in one operation but this can cause problems in some Perforce instances. Set this value to true to disable printing multiple files in one operation.

Start Revision

If you wish to set this, please enter a changelist number. If set, the revision number from which Fisheye will start indexing the repository. The default is to start scanning from the first revision in the repository.

Initial Import

When a Start Revision is set, this setting controls how Fisheye establishes the initial state of the repository.
When true, Fisheye will import the repository content as it existed one revision prior to the start revision. Fisheye will create a single synthetic revision to hold the initial state. The comment associated with this revision will be 'Created by Fisheye for initial repository import'.
False means that Fisheye will only process the revisions from the start revision onwards. The repository state prior to this revision is ignored.


The credentials to use if your repository requires authentication.

Store Diff Info

Enable this option if you are using the Subversion or Perforce SCM systems and making use of per-author line counts. Otherwise, enabling this option is not necessary. Read more information

Enable immediately

Controls whether Fisheye will immediately enable this repository, which starts the initial scan. If you wish to do some further configuration before the scan starts, then select 'No'. You can enable a repository later from the Repository List.

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