Adding an external repository



アトラシアン コミュニティをご利用ください。


When adding or managing a Mercurial repository, you can do the following:


  • Please refer to Supported platforms to see the version of Mercurial that is required by Fisheye. (You should restart Fisheye after upgrading Mercurial.)
  • Before you add your Mercurial repositories, you will need to set your executable location for hg (Mercurial).

Mercurial repository setup

  1. Click the 'cog' menu in the Fisheye header, and choose Administration (you'll need to be logged in as an administrator to see this link).
  2. Click Repositories (under 'Repository Settings').
  3. Click Add repository.
  4. Complete the wizard:

ステップ 1



Repository Type

Select Mercurial.


A name for this repository. The name may contain alphanumeric, underscore, '-' or '.' characters and its length must not exceed 100 characters.

(info) Note that a repository name is different from its key. See Renaming a repository for details. 


Enter a short description of this repository.

ステップ 2



Repository Location

Enter the URL describing the Mercurial repository location. Fisheye will clone this repository for indexing purposes.
(info) This URL must be compatible with the hg clone command.

Authentication Style

Choose the desired authentication style for your repository — No authentication, Generate key pair for SSH, Upload private key for SSH or Password for http(s). Please refer to Authentication for more information.

Block Size

(optional) Enter how many commits you want Fisheye to process in one batch. Larger values require more memory and increase the amount of work Fisheye commits to the database in a single operation. The default is 400. The minimum being 1. This field only accepts positive whole numbers.

Command Timeout

(optional) Enter the time that a single Mercurial command is allowed to take to execute. Any command that exceeds this time is terminated and the operation will fail.

ステップ 3



Store Diff Info

Tick this checkbox, if you want Fisheye to cache information about file diffs in its database. This is required for some Fisheye features. See Configuring Repository Details for more information on this setting.

Enable Repository After Adding

Tick this checkbox, to enable the repository after adding (i.e. when you click Add).



  • Submitting Feedback — We're very interested in your feedback regarding this feature. The best place for submitting feedback is the Fisheye forums.
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