You want to manually add JIRA Service Desk customers but don't want to send them invitation emails.


Yes. You can add customers without inviting them via email but you'll need to predefine their password and ask them to change it later once they login. Here is how you do that:

  1. Login to JIRA as an administrator
  2. Go to  > User management
  3. Create User - here make sure to uncheck the "send an invitation" which will prompt you to enter a password that will be the users new password to login. Additionally make sure to uncheck "Jira" and/or "Confluence" application access. Keeping those checked would allow that user login to JIRA and Confluence systems, allow them to access things based on default user permissions and consume user license in each system. In this case you are wanting to just create a free customer in Service Desk so uncheck all application access options.
  4. Click "Create User"


  1. Go to your Service Desk (from the top menu)
  2. Go to People tab 
  3. Select Customers in the left nav
  4. Next to the Invite customers button on the right side of the screen you'll see an option for access settings. You'll want it to say "everyone can access". So if your current selection is "restricted access" click that text and change the selection.


Then simply distribute your Customer Portal link to your customer via website, email, or whatever way you wish to public the URL your customers may use to access the customer portal.


  1. This is great, but how do you add customers without sending an invitation email to a private service desk?

    1. Mark, what's your use case?  From my point of view you need to somehow communicate the link/address of the private service desk otherwise no one will know it's there and available.  You can do this by inviting people.  Am I missing something?  If your useless different?

      1. Zu Sekerova, thanks for your reply.

        I'm new to JIRA and Service Desk, so there may be a better way to do this that I don't yet understand.

        We use an issue collector within our site, that currently puts all tickets in from a single source. We'd like to match our system users email addresses in JIRA so we know where the tickets have come from (better communication, MI/reporting etc. etc.) We aren't averse to them using the portal, but it's not the primary interaction point and inviting them all to create accounts seems superfluous and would probably have a terrible uptake as most of the benefit is in admin.