This guide will provide some guidance on how to...

1) Add links to terms in your comments in JIRA or JIRA Service Desk issues (i.e. glossary)

2) Enable agents to have access to canned (prefabricated) responses to commonly submitted support issues in JIRA or JIRA Service Desk

Configuration Guide

Both use cases make the use of

  • Typing shortcut utility or software such as TextExpander (other similar software will work just as well; this is the one we like at Atlassian).
  • To allow for single point of file management you may want to use service such as Dropbox, Google Drive, or other.  Note: TextExpander likes Dropbox.

Before starting, also check out the following documentation:

Configure your typing shortcut utility tool to point to shared resources location so that all JIRA users or agents can connect to the same source and edits need to be made only once.


In your typing utility add the necessary terms for your glossary.

TexExpander shortcut



TexExpander content (JIRA rich text field formatted link)

When agent types "Check out ;jira our issue tracking software" the TextExpander will convert to 

Check out [JIRA|] our issue tracking software

The result once comment is saved:

Check out JIRA our issue tracking software

This way you can configure any terms such as SaaS -- [SaaS|], ITIL, or any other terms specific to your industry and needs.  When linking to your glossary definitions you can link to existing definitions on the web or create your own using Confluence to store those custom definitions.


Canned (prefabricated) responses

For Server version of JIRA you may want to look into Canned Response for JIRA plugin in the Atlassian Marketplace.  As this plugin is currently the only plugin (that I could find) offering this functionality and is not available for Cloud at this time you can use the TextExpander method in Cloud instances:

Canned responses can be created using the same process as above (Glossary example) but instead of using just linked words use longer text in the content of the TextExpander files. 


TexExpander shortcut



TexExpander content


Thanks for your email!

We would be happy to provide you with a refund as you fall into our [30 day refund policy|]. I have processed your refund for ### ORDER NO HERE ###. The billing contact will receive an automated email with your refund note. Please allow 1-3 business days for the charge to appear back on your credit card or bank statement.

I hope this helps! Please let us know if you have further questions in the meantime.





We do have a feature request JSD-631 - Getting issue details... STATUS  in our public issue tracker - I invite you to vote and comment on this issue as well as watch the issue so that you are notified when it is updated.  Atlassian uses to help determine which features are popular or urgent enough to be added to our roadmap, so it's possible that we can address customer-requested functionality suggestions future releases.