Customizing the welcome message


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Crucible administrators can customize the welcome message that is displayed when Crucible starts by clicking Front Page Customization (under 'Global Settings') in the admin area.

You can provide either or both of:

  • a custom welcome message that is displayed to users when they first log in. 
  • a custom support message that also appears on the opening page, and which gives contact details for your own support organization.

The changes you make are applied immediately, without needing to restart Crucible.

Using HTML

The content in the welcome screen can be formated using basic HTML tables, image references or anchor tags, such as the following:

<a href="">Link to Atlassian Home Page</a>

Editing the config.xml file

You can also directly edit the XML file that contains the welcome and support messages. This file is called config.xml, and is located in the Crucible installation folder.

To do this, simply add the following XML tags to config.xml:

  <front-page-message>Example welcome message here</front-page-message>
  <support-message>Example support message here</support-message>
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