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Please refer to the FishEye 2.10 upgrade guide for important notes on upgrading to Crucible 2.10.

For details of the new features and improvements in this release, please read the Crucible 2.10 Release Notes.


Upgrading to Crucible 2.10

Crucible Subtask Creation has been deprecated

If you are currently using issue subtask creation please read the following section.


We have improved JIRA issue creation from Crucible with a feature called Inline Issue Creation. It uses JIRA APIs introduced in JIRA 5.0, so it is not compatible with earlier versions. It also has some changed behavior from the old "Crucible Subtask Creation".

If you are using JIRA 4.4 or earlier

The new feature will not be compatible with your JIRA version. You can revert back to the old behavior if you want to continue being able to create Crucible subtasks from review comments.

Disabling of the plugin should be automatic on upgrade. Crucible will poll your linked JIRA servers to check their version. If a version earlier than JIRA 5.0 is detected, the 'Inline Issue Creation' plugin will be disabled.

If the plugin is not disabled you can revert to the old behavior by clicking Manage Add-ons, under 'System Settings' in the Admin area. Click Show system plugins, find the 'Inline Issue Creation' plugin, and disable it. When you upgrade your JIRA server, you can come back here to re-enable the plugin.

If you are using JIRA 5.0 or later

Removed functionality:

  • The ability to "Resolve" after the issue has been created has been removed. Users will now have to transition issues via the JIRA interface.
  • Existing subtasks that have been created will still be visible, however you will not be able to resolve them.

New functionality:

  • We now support various required fields, both built-in and custom field types.
  • There is no longer any configuration required, except for the Application Link to JIRA.
  • We now support 'normal' (non-subtask) issue creation, users can choose what Project and Issue Type to create in, and we support various required fields.
  • There is now a report at the top of the review for all issues created.
  • There is now a Remote Issue Link from the JIRA issue back to the comment.
    • Note that Issue Linking can be disabled in JIRA.
    • The user creating the issue must have the permission to create Remote Issue Links.
    • The latest version of the JIRA FishEye Plugin will hide these links from users without the View Source permission.
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