Why is There a Discrepancy Between the Date the License Expires and the Date Shown in Confluence?


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When visiting the License Details screen in Confluence Admin, you may notice that the expiry date of the license is sooner or later than your invoice suggests - or the details in your Atlassian account. The discrepancy may be a day or more.


There is a discrepancy in the timezone when the products and Atlassian license system handle a license expiry date.

The License contains license a expiry date in string format like 'YYYY-MM-DD' at US Central Standard Time (UTC-6). In Confluence, this license expiry date is converted to UTC timestamp by complementing time with '00:00:00' as Australian Eastern Standard Time (UTC+10) and is displayed at using your local time zone. You can adjust your User Profile to specify a time zone, or make the changes for all users in Confluence.

Your license will expire at the specified date midnight in AEST (UTC+10). All dates and times expressed in invoices, emails, and your Atlassian account will be displayed in CST (UTC-6).

If you have doubts about when your license expires, please do not hesitate to contact Atlassian Support.

To fix this, the products and Atlassian system should handle the license expiry in the consistent timezone. Please watch CONFSERVER-30768 for update.

This discrepancy also exists in Jira Server and Bitbucket Server.


If your license expires on the Aug 1st 2019, you may notice that Confluence displays a different date, such as the July 31th 2019 in Japan Standard Time (UTC+10). This is because your personal time zone is set to use your local time.

At the time of expiry (Aug 1st 2019), it will actually be the July 31th 2019 in Japan Standard Time. This license will be expired at July 31th 2019 23:00:00 in Japan Standard Time, it will actually be the Aug 1st 2019 00:00:00 in Australian Eastern Standard Time. 

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