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This page provides some troubleshooting tips on configuring a WebDAV client to work with Confluence pages and on general WebDAV functionality.

Adding WebDav Logging

There are two places to configure extra logging:

1. Confluence Logging
  1. In Confluence, add the following line in the Logging and Profiling console and set the logging level to DEBUG.: 


  2. Access Confluence using a Webdav client again, and replicate the authentication problem.
  3. Check the atlassian-confluence.log file in the confluence-home directory. Logging similar to the following will appear:

    2010-03-16 11:57:50,274 DEBUG [http-8000-10] [extra.webdav.servlet.ConfluenceWebdavServlet] service Microsoft-WebDAV-MiniRedir/6.1.7600, OPTIONS /plugins/servlet/confluence/default

    In this example, the Microsoft-WebDAV-MiniRedir WebDav client version 6.1.7600 is displayed.

2. Tomcat Logging

You can use Tomcat's Valve Component to give you WebDAV accesses attempt.


Audit Confluence Using the Tomcat Valve Component
Unable to authenticate while mapping a WebDAV client network drive in Confluence




























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