Unable to start up Confluence


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Confluence unable to start.

atlassian-confluence.log に次のメッセージが表示される。

Fatal error during startup sequence: confluence.lifecycle.core:pluginframeworkdependentupgrades (Run all the upgrades that require the plugin framework to be available) - 
com.atlassian.confluence.content.render.xhtml.migration.exceptions.MigrationException: com.atlassian.applinks.host.OsgiServiceProxyFactory$ServiceTimeoutExceeded: 
Timeout exceeded waiting for service - com.atlassian.applinks.spi.link.MutatingApplicationLinkService


There are few possible causes to this behaviour:

  1. Multiple copies of Applinks and/or plugin JARs are present in your installation. These JARs can be checked under the following directories: 
    • <Confluence-Installation-Directory>/confluence/WEB-INF/atlassian-bundled-plugins
  2. The application initialises slowly and the plugin start up times-out
  3. A corrupt plugin JAR cache exist
  4. An unsupported version of Java has recently been installed


According to the possible causes the following resolutions are suggested:

  1. Remove Duplicate JAR Files
    Remove the multiple copies of plugin JARs from under the following directories ensuring that there is only a single copy of each under the <Confluence-Installation-Directory>/confluence/WEB-INF/atlassian-bundled-plugins folder:
  2. Increase the JAR Timeout Threshold
    The default plugin timeout is 60 seconds. Increase the timeout by providing the following additional JVM parameter via the environment variable JAVA_OPTS. See Configuring System Properties for tips on how to set an environment variable.



  3. Remove Corrupt JAR Cache

    Delete the following plugin cache folders and restart Confluence:

    • <confluence-home>/bundled-plugins
    • <confluence-home>/plugin-cache
    • <confluence-home>/plugins-osgi-cache
    • confluence-home>/plugins-temp

4. Ensure Correct Java Version Is Referenced By Confluence

Ensure that an appropriate Java JVM is installed. See Supported Platforms for more information. 

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