'The Internet Address ... Is Not Valid' Error Message Due to Corrupt Ancestor Table


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Below are some symptoms you may encounter, not necessarily all inclusive:

  1. When editing an attachment using the Office Connector, you may see an error message like below:
    "The Internet Address ... is not valid"
  2. Alternatively, you may see a blank document despite that the attachment is a valid attachment.
  3. When observing the HTTP traffic (eg. via Fiddler), you may encounter a 404 error. Indicating the path to the attachment file is a wrong path.


The Office Connector plugin is reading paths from the Confluence Ancestor table, which can get corrupted. The root cause for this corruption is still under investigation: 'The Internet Address ... Is Not Valid' Error Message Due to Corrupt Ancestor Table.


  1. Rebuild the Ancestor table to correct the issue. Note that in some instances, this action can take a long time to complete.
  2. From Administration >> WebDav Configuration, check the box labeled "Disable strict path check". This is available from WebDav version 2.1 onwards. See related improvement request: WBDV-204

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Last modified on Mar 30, 2016


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