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The {pagetree} macro fails to render, showing 'Loading . . .' indefinitely but never seems to finish loading.

If you are using the Documentation Theme, this behavior may be observed in the left-hand navigation panel where a {pagetree} normally appears.

In some version of Confluence that use the Documentation Theme you may see "error building ancestorPage tree. Root ancestorPage: @home not found in space <SPACE_KEY>" in the left-hand navigation instead of "Loading..."


Current versions of Confluence bundles the Page Tree plugin automatically, but you may also have a second Page Tree plugin installed (from the vendor 'BNP Paribas') if you came from an older version of Confluence.

This may cause by a plugin conflict, resulting in the macro not loading.

Check your installed plugins in your Plugin Manager (Confluence Admin > Manage Plugins) The two Page Tree plugins will have different keys:

Page Tree (com.atlassian.confluence.plugins.pagetree)
Page Tree (bnpparibas.confluence.pagetree)

Or this could be caused by having any styling on when the Page Tree macro was created.


If there is the second Page Tree plugin installed:

  • Disable/Remove the 'BNP Paribas' version of the Page Tree plugin using the plugin manager.

If there was any styling on when the Page Tree macro was created:

  • Delete Page Tree macro and recreate without styling. This issue is being tracked at CONF-33467 - Getting issue details... STATUS

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