How to ensure an AD change to the userPrincipalName Attribute is reflected properly in Confluence


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This article will help ensure Confluence properly maps usernames in the user directory when a business requires a change of the userPrincipalName Attribute in Active Directory from sAMAccountName to mail

For example, a username change from jsmith to in AD needs to be reflected in Confluence as the user's new username.


Usage of this article depends on your current setup and how the change is performed.

  • If the existing User Unique ID Attribute does not change, then your users will be automatically renamed (rather than creating duplicates). We strongly recommend this approach.
  • If the existing User Unique ID Attribute will change, then you will end up with duplicate users. This will require manual DB manipulation to migrate content ownership and permissions. Thus. we do not recommend this approach.


Please follow best practices for Change Management and test and validate these settings in a Test/Development and Staging environment prior to rolling any changes into a Production environment. This is to validate these changes and ensure that they will function well within your infrastructure prior to placing these changes in production.

Changing user names in Confluence - Recommended Method

To migrate from sAMAccountName (e.g. jsmith) to email address (e.g., and maintain content ownership, review the steps below:

  1. Navigate to  > General configuration > User Directories
  2. Edit the appropriate directory
  3. Expand User Schema Settings
  4. Locate the User Unique ID Attribute:
  5. Verify that this attribute is configured to use an actual unique attribute (e.g. objectGUID) which will not change with the change from username to mail.
  6. Change the User Name Attribute from sAMAccountName to mail:
  7. Save your changes
  8. Perform a directory sync
  9. Validate the changes were successful

説明How to ensure an AD change to the User Name Attribute is reflected properly in Confluence
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