How to disable the Post Upgrade Landing Page


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Typically after upgrading Confluence successfully, users will be directed to view the post upgrade landing page. This page contains a summary of what's new in the new version of Confluence. Some administrators prefer that this page is not displayed to users.


Confluence 7.X onwards. 

How to deactivate this landing page?

This feature is currently enabled by default as a system property dark feature. To disable the feature, use the following system property


The steps to configuring the system property differs depending whether we are running Confluence on Linux or Windows. In Windows it also depends on whether we are running it through the .bat file or as a service. More details on how to configure this can be reviewed here:

Once this is set, the post upgrade landing page will not be shown anymore. Admins can still manually navigate to the page by heading over to > General configuration > Latest upgrade report.

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