Error subscribing to Google Calendar despite the correct credentials on Team Calendars for Confluence


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Failed when subscribing to Google Calendar, despite the credentials was inserted correctly, and the following error prompted on the screen.

Specified calendar does not exist. Possible problems: Check that the Calendar URL you provided exists and you have the correct permissions to access it.


It is caused by wrong url was specified on the url, make sure that the url specified is on the ical format. Also make sure that, the url that you paste is public url instead of private. Please bear in mind that Team Calendars for Confluence doesn't support public address Google Calendar subscription.


Paste the correct private url to the Team Calendars for Confluence, and make sure the credential is correct. You can get the correct private ical url by the following:

  • Click the small downward arrow beside the calendar name on Google Calendar
  • Go to Calendar Settings
  • Click the ICAL button on Private Address field and copy the url
  • Paste the link to the Team Calendars for Confluence with the correct credential



最終更新日: 2016 年 2 月 26 日


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