Cannot Create Trusted Application Communication for Cloned Instance


アトラシアン コミュニティをご利用ください。



Configuring a trusted communication application between JIRA and a cloned Confluence instance failed due to this error message, thrown by JIRA:

The Trusted Application with the specified applicationId: confluence:14749191 already exists


Each of the trusted application configurations requires a unique application ID. In this case, the original application ID (14749191) owned by the production instance is associated to the cloned instance, too. JIRA is unable to proceed due to this clash.


The cloned instance should use a different application ID. To achieve this, Confluence requires a new server ID and a new keystore entry.
Follow these steps:

  1. Shutdown the cloned instance
  2. Generate a new server ID by installing a fresh, separate Confluence instance (of the same version). Copy its server ID (shown in setup wizard) and scrap the instance.
  3. Update the <confluence-cloned-home-directory>/confluence.cfg.xml with the new server ID. Look for the "" attribute.
  4. Update the server ID in database, for instance:

    UPDATE bandana SET bandanavalue = '<string>ABCD-E1F2-GH3I-JK4L</string>' WHERE bandanakey = ''
  5. Delete all of the existing rows in the KEYSTORE table:

    DELETE FROM keystore WHERE alias LIKE '%confluence%'
  6. Download and install the script from CONF-11074
  7. Restart the cloned instance
  8. Run the script from CONF-11074 to re-initialise the KEYSTORE table. This should result in a new application ID for the cloned instance, found in the KEYSTORE table
  9. Proceed with the trusted application configuration in JIRA
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