Clover 2.6 Release Notes

2009 年 9 月 9 日

Atlassian presents Clover 2.6

Clover 2.6 is a major release which adds an affordable Desktop Edition to the Eclipse and IDEA plugins. It also brings a new coverage filter, auto-update functionality in IDEA, adds a visual treemap report to Clover-for-Ant and Maven2, as well as signicant performance enhancements for Eclipse users.Upgrading to Clover 2.6 is free for all customers with active Clover software maintenance at date of launch.

Highlights of Clover 2.6:

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Upgrading to Clover 2.6

Clover 2.6 can be downloaded from the Clover Download Centre. Before upgrading, please refer to the relevant documentation:

Highlights of Clover 2.6

New Clover Editions

Clover licenses now add an affordable Desktop Edition to the line-up. Clover Desktop Edition is for individual developers and provides code coverage analysis and also the use of test optimization for developers working in isolation. Clover Server edition contains the full suite of report generation and Continuous Integration features for coding in a team environment.

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Eclipse Plugin Performance Improvements

The Clover database format has been completely rewritten to make running Clover in an IDE as fast as possible. Large code bases, such as JIRA and Confluence, have shown a significant reduction in the time it takes to compile source code and run tests with Clover enabled - so much so that you will hardly know that Clover is there!

IDE Plugin Ease-of-Use Features

A new context menu has been added to the package explorer to make including or excluding files and packages quick and easy. For large projects, this makes it possible to turn Clover on or off for a specific package or class, run the tests, view the coverage and then turn Clover off again.

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100% Coverage filter

When some of your files have reached 100% coverage, you can remove them from view using this new filter. This allows you to reduce the clutter in the display and see only those files that are not completely covered by unit tests.

Read more: Clover-for-IDEA User's Guide

New HTML Tree Map

The popular Tree Map feature from Clover for Eclipse and Clover for IDEA is now available in Clover for Ant and Clover for Maven, showing a geometric view of coverage in colored squares, with size indicating the scale of each file. The new HTML Tree Map allows you to easily spot not only poorly tested, large classes but also identify clusters of untested code.

New API for Optimizing Tests Programatically

This new addition to Clover will allow you to take advantage of Clover's Test Optimization feature, only running those tests for which code has changed, even if you are using a testing framework other than Junit or TestNG.

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Clover Auto-Update Feature for IDEA

Clover for IDEA will now automatically check for new version updates. This allows you to easily stay on the leading edge of Clover's latest features. When a new version is available, a Clover icon appears in the status bar, allowing you to install it by clicking.

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Over 80 bug fixes and improvements

最終更新日 2016 年 5 月 26 日


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