JIRA issue Source tab displays No related source found


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  • The JIRA  'Source' tab displays "No related source found" message when integrated with Bitbucket Server.

The following errors are present in the logs:

12:50:05,327 WARN  [http-bio-8443-exec-3] 770x7480x1 "GET /rest/jira/1.0/issues/WR-175246/commits HTTP/1.1" c.a.s.a.t.f.TrustedApplicationFilterAuthenticator Failed to login trusted application: jira:5365394 due to: com.atlassian.security.auth.trustedapps.CertificateTooOldException: Certificate too old. Application: jira:5365394 Certificate Created: Fri Aug 02 12:48:41 EDT 2013 Timeout: 10000


When setting up the trusted application in Bitbucket Server, there is an option to specify the timeout setting. Bitbucket Server will only process trusted application requests from JIRA if they are received in less than the configured timeout period. The timeout period is a preventative measure to protect against replay attacks.

The error above indicates that requests from JIRA are exceeding this timeout. This can be caused by:

  • Network latency between the servers running Bitbucket Server and the box running JIRA.
  • Alternatively the system clocks on the boxes are not set to have the same time.


Apply the CertificateTooOldException when Configuring Trusted Application Link Knowledge Base.


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