CertificateTooOldException when Configuring Trusted Application Link


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Setting up Trusted Communication between Bitbucket Server and JIRA may fail with the exception below:

2013-12-09 08:25:35,815 http-bio-80-exec-3896 WARN anonymous 505x1037338x2 - /rest/api/2/search [auth.trustedapps.filter.TrustedApplicationFilterAuthenticator] Failed to login trusted application: 0A00124D01405B0743A26A350C02BC37 due to: com.atlassian.security.auth.trustedapps.CertificateTooOldException: Certificate too old. Application: 0A00124D01405B0743A26A350C02BC37 Certificate Created: Mon Dec 09 08:23:59 EST 2013 Timeout: 10000

There is a date/time difference between the Bitbucket Server instance and JIRA server. The problem usually occurs after re-starting one of the application's server, whereby the NTP is not timely synchronised thus causing an offset.

  1. Verify the system clocks are similar. If the servers are in different timezones, ensure that their OS timezones are set correctly. Use a NTP time server if you're finding the clocks are going out of sync very often.
  2. Increase the Certificate Timeout (ms) value as per our Configuring Trusted Applications Authentication for an Application Link documentation.


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