How to forward Bitbucket Server's logging to syslog


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Sometimes security teams require Bitbucket logs be appended to syslog or another service.


Bitbucket uses LogBack from QOS. The configuration for Bitbucket's logging can be found in <BITBUCKET SERVER INSTALLATION>/ATLASSIAN-BITBUCKET/WEB-INF/CLASSES/LOGBACK.XML. You can read more about configuring Bitbucket's logging in Configure Bitbucket Server Logging. You can configure an appender for either SysLog or some other logging service. You can read about that in Chapter 4: Appenders. If you need any assistance I would recommend contacting the QOS support.

Please note that this is unsupported and this change will have to applied after each upgrade. Fixing any issues related to this change are outside the scope of our support offerings.

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