How to Edit the Footer in Bitbucket Server


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Each page of the Bitbucket Server's web interface includes a footer that is similar to the one below: 

There are two elements of this footer that can be customized:

  1. The Contact Support link
  2. The line that is highlighted in the screenshot above

  1. Starting with Bitbucket Server version 6.2, you can customize the Contact Support link, by adding to your file a line similar to the following:
    and restarting your Bitbucket Server (or Data Center nodes), in order to apply the change.
    For more information please refer to: Bitbucket Server config properties - Footer.

  2. You can also customize the highlighted line of the footer, as needed, using the method described below.

'Powered by Atlassian'

Atlassian requires that the text 'Powered by Atlassian' be displayed in the footer on every page, as specified in section 3.6 of the Software License Agreement. Other than that, you can customize the footer text.

Editing Information in the footer

  1. Open the file
    • For Bitbucket Server versions prior to 5.0, this file is located in:
    • For Bitbucket Server version 5.0 or higher, this file is located in:

  2. Find the following line: repository management for enterprise teams powered by {0}

    You can edit the value of this variable to display your custom footer, then save the file.

  3. Stop and start your Bitbucket Server.

  4. Open your browser, log into Bitbucket Server and verify if the footer indeed reflects your change.

If you make a backup copy of the {noformat}{noformat} file prior to modifying this file, make sure you move the backup file to a different folder.

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