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Bitbucket Data Center and Server is designed to be integrated with Bamboo and Jenkins, and we’ve streamlined the integration process for both applications.

Integrating can only be done by an administrator of both instances. Once it’s completed, your team will be able to configure and maintain their own CI/CD pipelines.

Get maximum benefit from Integrated CI/CD

To access the full set of Integrated CI/CD features, you need to:

  • Use Application Links when integrating Bitbucket with Bamboo or Jenkins.

  • Be on a recommended version [anchor link to Integration guides table] of all applications and plugins.

In Bitbucket you’ll then be able to:

  • See detailed builds information, like test summaries and durations.

  • See links to logs and artifacts for each build.

  • Perform actions, such as running builds.

An important part of integrating Bitbucket with your CI server is connecting them using Application Links, a bundled Atlassian app. Integrating without Application Links is possible, but it’s not recommended as you’ll only have access to a limited number of Integrated CI/CD features.

How to set up Application Links is explained in the integration guides linked to below.

Upgrade to a minimum recommended version

Before integrating Bitbucket with Bamboo or Jenkins, we recommend upgrading to a minimum recommended version of these applications, or even better, the latest version. Along with Application Links, this will give you have access to all the features of Integrated CI/CD, and ensure that the environment is as secure and stable as possible.

For more on upgrading, see the Bamboo upgrade guide or the Jenkins upgrade guide on

Integration guides

CI サーバーMinimum recommended versionIntegration guides
BambooBamboo 7.1+Bamboo integration

Bitbucket Server integration plugin for Jenkins 2.0.0+

Bitbucket Server integration plugin on

If you use a different CI server, you can integrate with Bitbucket and send it detailed builds information using our REST API. For more on how to do this, see our REST resources.

Once you’ve finishing integrating, see how to Configure your CI server.

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