Bitbucket Server installation guide


Before installing Bitbucket Server, check that you meet the minimum system requirements by reading the page Supported platforms.


There are a number of ways to install Bitbucket Server. Choose the method that is best for your environment. 



Install a Bitbucket Server trialThis is the fastest way to get a Bitbucket Server site up and running. If you're evaluating Bitbucket Server, use this option. You don't need an external database to install a Bitbucket Server trial.
Install Bitbucket Server using an installerこのオプションはインストーラを使用し、Windows または Linux サーバー上で本番サイトを立ち上げて、運用する最も簡単な方法です。
Install Bitbucket Server from a zip or archive fileこのオプションでは、手動でファイルをインストールし、いくつかのシステムプロパティを設定する必要があります。この方法であれば、ユーザーはインストール プロセスを最大限にコントロールできます。使用中の OS 向けのインストーラーがない場合、このオプションをご利用ください。
Run Bitbucket Server in a Docker container

This option gets Bitbucket Server up and running in no time using a preconfigured Docker image.

Atlassian supports running Bitbucket Server in a Docker container, but we cannot offer support for problems which are related to the environment itself.

Run Bitbucket Server or Data Center in AWSRunning Bitbucket on Amazon Web Services (AWS) gives you scalable computing capacity without the need to invest in hardware up front, while retaining control over where and how your code is hosted within your organisation.
Install Bitbucket in a clusterBitbucket Data Center is a clustered solution for large enterprises. Read Clustering with Bitbucket Data Center to find out if Bitbucket Data Center is right for your organization.

 we do not support installing Bitbucket Server as a production system on macOS.  A macOS download is available for the purposes of evaluating Bitbucket Server only.  There are no limitations to using Bitbucket Server on a Mac with any one of the supported browsers.  

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