Associating your author name with your user profile



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An author is any person who checks in code to a repository that is associated with a Bamboo plan. An author need not be a Bamboo user.
Your Author name is your login name for the source-code repository. This is the identity that the SCM associates with tasks you perform on the repository. However, if this is not the login you use for Bamboo, then Bamboo may not be able to make the connection between your SCM login and your Bamboo login. See also Managing authors.

When your Bamboo user profile is associated with your author name, then Bamboo is able to:

    • match your SCM activity with your Bamboo activity.
    • show information about your recent builds on your My Bamboo page.
    • show a User details tab in your Author information.

To associate your author name with your user profile:

  1. From the top navigation bar select your avatar, then select Profile Edit profile.
  2. Select your author name from the Repository aliases list. If your name does not appear in the list, select Add alias. Note that your author name (alias) shouldn't be identical to your user name.
  3. 保存 を選択します。

You can link more than one author name to a Bamboo user name.

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