Running Bamboo as a Windows service as the local user



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1. Install Bamboo Application Server

  1. Download Bamboo and run the Setup Wizard.
  2. Install Bamboo as a Windows service, as described in Running Bamboo as a Windows service.

2. Edit the Bamboo service to run as the local user

  1. Select Start > Run and enter 'services.msc'.
  2. The Services window will display. Double-click the Atlassian Bamboo Bamboo row.
    Services on Windows

  3. The Bamboo build server Properties window will display. Select This account and provide a local admin account credentials, then select OK to apply your changes.

3. Give the local user access to "log on as a service"

  1. Select Start > Run and enter 'secpol.msc'.
  2. The Local Security Settings window will display. Expand the Local Policies tree and select User Rights Assignment.
  3. Scroll down and find the Log on as a service policy. Double-click the Log on as a service policy.
    Log on as a service window

  4. The properties window for the Log on as a service policy will display. Select the Add User or Group... button.
    Add users or groups window

  5. The Select Users or Groups window will display. Enter your local user and select OK to allow your user to log on as a service.
  6. Select OK and close all open windows.

Bamboo will now start as a service, under the local user.

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