Tag triggering

You can schedule Bamboo to run a build automatically whenever a selected tag appears in your repository. 


Tag triggering is enabled by default in Bamboo. However, tag trigger type is available only if there's a repository added to your Bamboo instance.

You can use tag triggering in Bamboo with the following repository types: 

  • Bitbucket Cloud
  • Bitbucket Server/ Stash
  • GitHub repository
  • Git

To schedule builds triggered by tags:

  1. From the Bamboo header select BuildAll build plans.
  2. Locate the plan in the list and select the edit icon () to display the plan's configuration pages.
  3. Select the Triggers tab.
  4. Select Add Trigger.
  5. Select the Tag trigger type. 
  6. Define your tag name.
  7. Enter the tag which will trigger a build: 

    You can use regular expressions to filter tag names more accurately.

    Learn more about generic syntax for regular expression matching:

  8. Decide if you want to Run build if the branch contains the matched tag (default). 
    When this option is enabled, your build will be automatically triggered only if a selected tag appears in a branch for which this trigger is set. If you clear this option, a build is going to be triggered by a selected tag regardless whether that tag appears on master or a branch.

  9. Select Save trigger

Your trigger is now created and a build will run automatically if a set tag appears in your repository. 

To disable tag triggering in Bamboo:

If for any reasons tag triggering causes any problems on your Bamboo instance, you can disable it by setting the following system property: 

Last modified on Mar 22, 2024


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